Welcome to SWOFI - the
Scientific Workflow Guide!

SWOFI is a digital process guide mainly designed to aid students in learning scientific working.

While lecturers can develop detailed working process (including the temporal schedule, the required knowledge, tasks, working material, hints, etc.), students can use the client to follow these.

By nature, it perfectly fits to support courses like proseminars, seminars, practical labs, or similar.

SWOFI offers:

  • Visual overview of the whole working process,
  • Learning content, task management, working aids (such as working or illustrative material, links, etc.),
  • Additional supportive tools for specific research tasks (e.g., literature search, management, and meaningful utilization),
  • Submission and feedback life cycle,
  • Peer-review processes,
  • Easy instant communication,
  • Low-threshold appointment management,
  • Team handling for working groups,
  • And a lot more ...

Profit now as Lecturer or as  Student